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Buying a second hand caravan?


First thing’s first, you need to take out a little time to do some research, this is especially necessary if you are a first time buyer. It is the exact same process as buying a second hand car. You want to read around, take a look at what’s on offer and make an informed decision on the caravan that you want. If you just adopt a bulldog approach you may well find that you come to regret it and are left with a caravan you don’t want. Even if you don’t use it, you won’t be able to sell it for the same price you paid for it as it will now be third hand. To get you started here’s a site with a useful guide for first time caravaners that will help you decide which type of caravan is for you. Whilst doing your research you also should take a look into campervans. When choosing between a campervan and a caravan, it is important to consider what type of holidays you will be using them for.