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Inspection time

Now you have picked the caravan you want you need to get in touch with the seller, when you do, warn the seller that you will be expecting to see the service records and any receipts or invoices for any work done. When you are actually there, looking at the caravan ask a bit about the history and ask for details of the vans most recent trips. If the vans been standing still for a loooong period of time this could be a worry. Also, see if the owner has the original handbook as if they do, you can take this as an indication that they have looked after the caravan. We found this “5 things to look for when buying a used caravan” video on YouTube to be pretty handy when it comes to viewing the caravan before purchasing.


If the caravan was made post 1992 then it will be registered on the Caravan Registration Identification Scheme (CRIS). In order to check it you will need to locate the VIN number, which is 17 digits long and usually starts with SG, it will either be stamped on the chassis or etched into the widows. Once you know the VIN number you can carry out a HPI check, which will let you know the age, whether it has been reported stolen, or whether it has been recorded as a write off insurance wise.